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  • 10 vibes for Eskişehir

    like locals

    Take a walk along Hamamyolu Street; This street, which is a beautiful walking area that is closed to traffic, has many shopping venues as well as thermal water resources. There are baths, shoe repairers and shoe shiners in the area called Sıcaksular (Hot Water).

    Eat the famous Eskişehir Bagel (Simit); Eskişehir bagel, which is announced in the streets as "made of Eskişehir flour, Kalabak water, newly released from oven", is quite famous for its crunchiness and plenty of sesame.

    Shop on İnönü Avenue; The street, through which the tram passes, may remind you of the famous İstiklal Street in İstanbul at first sight. This street, which once housed most of the Physicians’ offices, gradually became known as Physicians Street (Doktorlar Caddesi). It is a street that most people stop by when going to the market for walking and shopping or for a short city tour among the crowds.

    Listen to the street musicians; Porsuk area is the energetic haunt of the city with its 24-hour entertainment options. After the banks of Porsuk started to turn into a promenade and entertainment area, it started to be known as "the Islands." You can witness a different music genre and atmosphere at every corner in the Islands.

    Rent a bike; There are many bicycle paths in the city center. You can rent a bicycle or tour the city on your own.

    Drink Kalabak Water; You can quench your thirst by drinking Kalabak Water, which has been the indispensable drinking water of Eskişehir people since 1936 with its unique mineral structure.

    Go to the baths in the city center; Eskişehir is famous for its baths that offer healing natural hot water that is good for various diseases since ancient times. You can get rid of the tiredness of the day in the historical baths in Eskişehir city center.

    Feel yourself at the seaside in Kent Park; Türkiye's first artificial beach was established in a special part of the city overlooking Porsuk Creek in Kent Park. Equipped with real sea sand, the beach allows the people of the city who cannot go to the seaside especially in summer, to enjoy the sea. There are outdoor and indoor swimming pools in Kent Park, which is a first in Türkiye with its artificial beach, restaurants, horse riding areas, and playgrounds.

    Watch Eskişehirspor play football; Founded in 1965, Eskişehirspor football club is the first Anatolian team to win the Prime Ministry and Presidential Cup of Türkiye. You can also watch one of the team's matches which is an Anatolian legend with the first sportsfans grandstand show in Türkiye.