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    Nasreddin Hodja Birth Festivals

    Nasreddin Hodja, one of the philosophers of Turkish-Islamic Culture, a great luminary and humorous master, was born in 1208 in Hortu Village of Sivrihisar District of Eskişehir, now called Nasreddin Hodja Neighborhood.

    Nasreddin Hodja is a folk philosopher who has become a part of our national culture. He is known and loved in the Turkic World, in the Islamic world. He is known as Molla Nasreddin in Azerbaijan, Koja Nasreddin in Kazakhstan and Nasreddin Efendi in Uzbekistan.

    Nasreddin Hodja, who presents a solid worldview in all of his anecdotes, is a legend of the people. He is constructive, not destructive. First he makes people laugh and then think. There is wisdom in every word. Every phase of daily life takes place in his anecdotes. Nasreddin Hodja is the symbol of the Turkish nation's sense of humor and intelligence.

    Nasreddin Hodja Festivals are held every year between June 3-10.

    International Eskişehir Festival

    The International Eskişehir Festival, which is Eskişehir's most comprehensive cultural and artistic event and considered one of the leading festivals of our country, is held in October or November every year and contributes to the liveliness of the city for 9 days.

    The festival, which enables world-famous artists and valuable names of our country to meet with art lovers in Eskişehir, offers an art feast to art lovers of all ages with concerts, theater and dance performances, exhibitions and children's activities spread throughout various venues of the city.

    Anadolu University Symphony Orchestra

    In 1991, the State Conservatory String Instruments Chamber Orchestra started giving concerts. In addition to its usual weekly concerts, the orchestra has gained an important place in the art life of our country with its projects and repertoire.

    The orchestra is admired by the students and the people of Eskişehir.