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  • 48 hours

    in Eskişehir

    First Day

    If you come to Eskişehir early in the day, drink a cup of Turkish coffee by the Porsuk River and start the day. You will need energy for a pleasant trip. Have a nice breakfast accompanied with Eskişehir Simit in cafes on İnönü Street. Then come to historical Odunpazarı on Hamamyolu Street.

    On the tour that starts in the historical Odunpazarı, take a walk between the houses of Odunpazarı, which are lined on both sides of the narrow streets and are the most beautiful examples of 19th century civil architecture. You can visit the Kurşunlu Complex and Mosque, an Ottoman work built in the 16th century.

    You can see the best examples of handicrafts such as meerschaum, marbling, gilding, calligraphy, silver embroidery and rug carpet weaving in Eskişehir Arts Bazaar located in the section called Tabhane of Kurşunlu Complex. Don't forget to stop by the Meerschaum Museum, which is located next to the bazaar and is available only in Odunpazarı in the world.

    When you come down from the Odunpazarı houses, visit Atlıhan Handicrafts Bazaar, where traders who came to sell their wood used to stay, and today, traditional handicraft products besides meerschaum are produced and sold. While continuing to visit the Odunpazarı, the Contemporary Glass Arts Museum may also attract your attention.

    While visiting all these museums in the historical texture of Odunpazarı, you should definitely taste the çibörek that is integrated with Eskişehir.

    You can go to Eti Archeology Museum to go back in the history of Eskişehir and get to know an old history, and witness the history with interactive applications.

    Now is the time to get on the gondolas in the Porsuk River, on which you walked in the morning. You can tour with a gondola or boat and watch the city from this angle.

    If you still have time do not forget to see Revolution (Devrim), the first domestic automobile manufactured in Türkiye in 1961 while you're in Eskişehir.

    You can complete the day by eating Balaban Kebab, another flavor of Eskişehir.

    Second Day

    See the legacy of the Phrygians in Eskişehir and the most magnificent monument of the city, Yazılıkaya Midas Monument.

    Visit Zahren Valley in Kümbet.

    See Gürleyik Waterfall in Mihalıççık.

    Follow the trail of Karacahisar Castle, the first castle conquered by the Ottoman Empire.

    See the woodwork in Ulu Mosque in Sivrihisar, and Seljuk art in the Alemşah Cupola; Witness the history by visiting the house where Nasreddin Hodja was born, the Armenian Church and the ruins of Pessinus.

    Visit Seyyid Battalgazi and Sucaeddin Veli Tombs in Seyitgazi.

    Take a bike tour in Karabayır Vineyards.

    Watch the insatiable view from Seyitgazi Seyircek Castle.

    Try air sports at İnönü Flight Training Center.

    Witness the natural life of deers in Çatacık Forests.

    Experience the excitement of horse riding in Mahmudiye.