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    Akbaş Shepherd Dog

    They are very agile and fast dogs with treamlined bodies, deep rib cages, long legs, and muscular bodies. Dogs with white fur bred in Sivrihisar weigh between 40-60 kg and females 35-45 kg.

    An Akbaş shepherd dog is a purebred natural breed. Akbaş is big, athletic, extremely beautiful and elegant when standing and moving. It is one of the oldest guard dogs used in Anatolia.

    Akbaş is an Anatolian dog breed, very intelligent, brave and loyal to its family. It has been awarded the best "herd guard dog" in the USA.

    Rug Weaving

    Rug weaving is very unique in Eskişehir. It is very common in the settled Yörük and Turkmen villages.

    In recent years, rug weaving schools have been opened in Seyitgazi-Kırka, Çifteler-Han and Sivrihisar-Kayakent in order to develop rug making in Eskişehir.

    In addition, the special Sivrihisar Applied Rug Museum, which includes centuries-old rugs compiled as a result of field studies carried out in Sivrihisar and other regions of Eskişehir, was opened to visitors in 2020. In order to keep the rug weaving culture alive and to transfer it to the future, the museum gave women and the new generation the opportunity to weave rugs on the rug looms (Istar).

    Glass Workshops

    The hot glass workshop, established in 2011 in the building within the Kurşunlu Complex, is a fully equipped glass center where all hot glass techniques (blowing, free forming, casting, etc.) can be applied easily.

    The workshop, which hosts International Glass Festivals and world-renowned glass masters, also exhibits very special glass works made during these festivals.

    In addition, Contemporary Glass Art Museum, Türkiye's first glass museum offers a spectacular collection to those who have wondered what would be result of the combination of art with the transparency of glass.

    Glass offers a nice gift and souvenir option from Odunpazarı and Eskişehir for visitors visiting the region.

    Meerschaum Souvenirs

    Meerschaum processing, which started to develop in the 1940s, began to show itself as a handicraft starting from the 1950s. Meerschaum, which had previously only improved in pipe making has become a sought-after stone in ornaments such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and trinkets.

    Nice jewelry that can be gifts have unique handiwork and unique designs. Meerschaum, which has the ability to keep moisture and gas residues while it dries, is a good pipe material.

    Resembling chalk, meerschaum also known as white gold, is much lighter and softer than the stone we know can be easily processed and shaped thanks to this feature. The white treasure of Eskişehir is soft and easy to process when taken from underground, but hardens as a result of contact with air. Apart from the white color that gives the name white gold, meerschaum can also be yellowish, gray or reddish in color.

    Meerschaum, known and used for 5000 years, is the most beautiful gift that will remind you of Eskişehir. 

    Horses in Mahmudiye Studfarm

    Horses have been a part of life in almost every period of Turkish history. They maintained this status during the Ottoman period. Eskişehir region has always had a special place in Anatolian horse breeding and been a breeding and depository center of different breeds of horses that were chosen for the palace throughout history.

    It is known that Abdullah, who was a leader in the region in the early 1800s, started the settlement in Mahmudiye. His farm was taken away when he rebelled against the Ottomans. Later, the farm was reorganized to raise horses for the army and became the first modern stud farm of the Ottoman Empire.

    Air Sports in Eskişehir

    Eskişehir is one of the most important sports aviation centers of our country with its aviation experience and history and favorable weather conditions. THK (Turkish Aviation Institution) İnönü Flight Training Center, which was established in 1936 by the order of Atatürk, is one of the most important centers where sports aviation training is given in many branches in our country.

    Enthusiasts can get training in glider, parachute, paragliding, microlight, model airplane, balloon and sailplane disciplines. The trainings are held every year between May and September when the weather conditions are most suitable.

    Sabiha Gökçen, one of the 20 aviators who made her mark in the history of the world, became the world's first female fighter pilot after the training she received in Eskişehir.

    Rock Climbing in Eskişehir

    In order to do this sport that combines balance, aesthetics, flexibility and strength in Eskişehir, the most used regions in basic trainings are Bozdağ in the Sündiken Mountains, Kızıltepe in the Sakarılıca Baths and Taştepe region of the Mayıslar village.

    Karakaya, Kızılinler Rocks and Sivrihisar Rocks are used for rock climbing works.

    Mountain and Nature Hiking

    Eskişehir has a wide variety of hiking routes for those who love mountain and nature walks.

    Sündiken Mountains Bozdağ Region, Mountainous Phrygian Region Routes, City Center Route and Phrygian Valleys Walking Routes offer different lengths of route options for those who love to feel nature by walking. 

    Bicycle Routes

    Although there are cycling paths in the city center, cycling enthusiasts prefer mountain bikes. Use your pedals to discover local flavors, cultural heritage, people and nature with a completely different travel experience. There are many routes for enjoyable discoveries on the bicycle seat.