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    Flowers of Eskişehir

    Eskişehir has an enviable richness in terms of flora. Nearly 2000 plant species display natural distribution within the provincial borders. More than 220 of these species are endemic. 14 of these species, which grow in all mountains, steppes, plains, plateaus and forests, especially in the Sündiken and Turkmen Mountains, grow only in Eskişehir in the world.


    Boza is the best beverage choice, especially on cold winter days.

    Slightly sour, sweet and thick boza is served with tea spoons in Eskişehir. Originating in Central Asia and made with the fermentation of wheat, this beverage is made from corn in Eskişehir.

    If you happen to be in Eskişehir on a winter day, don't go back without drinking a glass of boza and inhaling its delicious aroma.