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  • Eskişehir GoTürkiye

    A European City in Anatolia / Turkey ...

    Eskişehir stands out with its cultural richness and an urban identity where different cultural communities and groups live together in harmony.

    Eskişehir, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, has been located at the crossroads of important roads for ages and has gained importance as a trade center.

    Throughout history, the city, under the rule of Phrygia, Lydia, Rome and Byzantium, was conquered by the Seljuk State and came under Turkish rule starting from the 11th century.

    Eskişehir has a rich historical and cultural accumulation with its ancient Phrygian ruins, Yazılıkaya Monuments and other archaeological works, as well as Seljuk and Ottoman artifacts and museums. In addition, it has an important tourism potential with its natural resources, spas, caves and recreation areas.

    Filled with cultural riches, Eskişehir was selected as the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World in 2013 and became a center where the Turkic world met during the cultural capital process. Eskişehir, which was also the UNESCO Capital of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the same year, became the center of scientific, cultural and artistic activities in the field of intangible cultural heritage.

    Eskişehir, neighboring cities such as Kütahya, Ankara, Afyon and Bilecik, can be accessed from these cities by land. It is possible to reach Eskişehir from Ankara in 1.5 hours by high speed train and in approximately 3 hours from İstanbul.

    Eskişehir is a peaceful and enjoyable destination that can be preferred for daily trips and short weekend holidays...